Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a very thin layer of a white filling material which is bonded into the deeper pits and fissures of back teeth. This makes teeth easier to clean and more resistant to cavities. The procedure is painless and the tooth remains completely intact.

Fluoride Treatments

Applying high-strength topical fluoride to selected teeth can help to strengthen teeth and make them more cavity-resistant. It is completely safe and effective

Professional Cleaning

Removes harder deposits which accumulate on teeth and helps to prevent gum disease. Cleaning can also remove stubborn stains on teeth.

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Dental Extractions

Sometimes there is no other option but to extract a tooth which is not reparable and may also be causing pain and infection. For almost all procedures we use articaine local anaesthetic for has been shown to take effect sooner and lasts longer.

It is the most effective dental local anaesthetic currently available in Ireland.

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